Win an air ticket to London

Every Arsenal SA supporter that lives in close proximity to The Brazenhead, Fourways needs to know this. Each year, we have a draw to see who has won the season long prize of a return air ticket to London and a ticket to an Arsenal home game of their choice. The Brazenhead, Fourways that is located in The Leaping Frog Centre sponsor the return airline ticket whilst Arsenal South Africa sponsor the match ticket. This is not a small prize and is worth in the region of R12,000.

2017-18 ArsenalSA draw winner Tendai Nyakabau (centre) between Brazenhead Fourways sponsor Paulo Rebelo (left) and Arsenal South Africa club secretary Simon West (right)

Last season’s winner is Tendai Nyakabau. How much did this cost Tendai? A paltry R150 for his Arsenal SA supporters’ club subscription! Nothing more and nothing less. The competition is an annual event that runs throughout the 12 months of the year, commencing at the beginning of each season and ending at the commencement of the next season. This is in line with the Arsenal SA membership subscription period. The Arsenal SA membership earns every Arsenal SA member a Brazenhead Fourways discount card that doubles as the Arsenal SA membership card. On signing up for Arsenal SA, every member will receive such a card when visiting The Brazenhead and each time you pay for your purchase, you will earn a draw into the annual raffle (one entry per day only). On top of that, you will also get 10% discount on your Brazenhead purchase – it’s a win win situation – how often do we Arsenal supporters ever get one of those! And to add to that, the discount is available for any day of the week, not only on match days – you could get yourself 365 entries into the draw!!

On top of all this, an Arsenal SA membership earns you 20% discount of and Arsenal Puma wear from the main Puma stores. This discount is also available throughout the year so whilst we are still sponsored by Puma, make hay while the sun shines and visit their stores.

And there’s even more! Being an Arsenal SA member gives you an opportunity to book match tickets through the club. Tickets are like hen’s teeth, but we get an allocation for each home game whichallows us to get you entrance to the greatest stadium in the world. Match tickets are based on how the games are categorized;

Category A          £92.00

Category B          £53.50

Category C          £37.50

So, for all you non-members out there, subscribe to Arsenal SA. There are still a potential 52 games to watch at The Brazenhead (14 Europa Cup, 6 FA Cup & 32 Premier League) which will give you the possibility of winning the air and match tickets prize for next year. Reply to this email if you’re interested and I will get back to you – #COYG