Manchester United v Arsenal

Wow, what a game that was. And did The Brazenhead rock on Sunday afternoon! We certainly shut up our noisy neighbours, powershift and all. So that’s 19 games in a row for Unai and the boys and the question on everybody’s lips is can we keep this run going especially as we have a midweek trip to Old Trafford to deal with. Similar to our NLD, this match does not really worry about form and desire once again comes to the fore. Either way, you would think this is Arsenal’s game for the taking and as much as we would all like this to be the case, we have proved on so many occasions that we just couldn’t take advantage of our superiority. Was it a Wenger thing? Every Arsenal supporter is hoping so, hoping that Unai has brought some new found confidence in the team where history doesn’t matter and skill, ability, determination and togetherness drive us on to victories that should be ours no matter the mind games that come to play.

If we look at statistics and history, United have the advantage when it comes to overall results with seventeen more victories totaling 80 all in all out of 186 encounters. Arsenal have only won fifteen times away from home with the last such occasion being in March 2015 in the FA Cup when Danny Welbeck cancelled out Rooney’s equalizer to make the whole of the red side of Manchester regret the sale of their England forward to an opportunistic Wenger on the last day of the transfer season whilst visiting the pope in Rome. Is there a song about that? Maybe we’ll repeat that situation however replacing FA Cup with Premier League and Danny with Henrikh?

We have lost our last two encounters since our 2-0 victory in May 2017 but it was the 3-0 victory a further two years earlier that was our most memorable recent victory, which turned out to be the Ozil – Sanchez show. 20 minutes and we were done and dusted and after that we put a little bit the handbrake on.

All in all our record against United  is not that great. During Wenger’s reign, we only managed 19 wins out of 60 games, losing 28 times. We are now looking to Emery for a period of dominance over a side that we owe so many hidings to, so many last minute goals, so many fine goalkeeping performances. Ferguson did us well and proper during his reign and since he left we have not been able to take advantage in the way we are now looking to Emery to do!

Confidence levels before the Spurs match was not high amongst the supporters’ base, nerves were tingling at kick off and losing a 1-0 lead to go in at the half 2-1 confirmed those fears. But Arsenal are gaining a reputation as a second half side and with three unanswered strikes, Emery has gone a long way to gain the trust of players and supporters alike. Let’s hope we can continue in that vein on Wednesday.

With that performance against Spurs, it’s going to be difficult to make any changes to the starting XI, however I believe a fit Ozil for Mkhitaryan would be a possible option and even maybe Ramsey to start ahead of Iwobi – this after I indicated in my last blog that the two are too similar to be on the same pitch!! Either way, in Emery we trust and we’ll leave the team selection to him.

Things are also hotting up in the Arsenal South Africa fantasy leagues, more so with the FPL than the Superbru league. Top scorer for the week was Haanim Galvaan’s GIEMBAS UNITED with 80 points. 32 of those came with the captaining of Aubameyang – love it! Last week, 12 points separated 1st and 3rd places, this week 13 points separate 1st and 6th place with top place being shared by Jean Raath and Cedric Nappies – things are getting a little hot out there. The table looks as follows:

Sons of Pitches                  Jean Raath                          837

Im Gunning for you!!      Cedric Angelo Nappies  837

Rockets                                 Andrew Bray                      834

In the Superbru league it’s all a little bit zzzzzzzzzzzzz with the same three in the same top three positions. Top scorer for the week was LEGEND who amounted 16 points with nine correct results. Pretty damn nifty. That’s moved him up 5 places to 27th. The top three are as follows:

StevieZ                                 162,0

Davyboy                              161,5

Gunner for life                   158,5

With such an important result tucked neatly under our belts, we cannot afford to belittle it with anything but a rare victory at Old Toilet as we look to cement our entry into the top four. With Chelsea making a visit to Wolves and Spurs receiving managerless Southampton (shame, poor old Sparky just couldn’t cut the mustard) and then on the weekend Huddersfield coming to the Emirates whilst Spurs travel to Leicester and Chelsea meeting up with City, who knows which teams will fill 3rd 4th and 5th places. Things are hotting up, that’s for sure, so where better to be than in the generator equipped Brazenhead and get an early start in with the game on Wednesday against MFU. Be there or be square – c’mon down and have some fun.

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