Chelsea v Arsenal

Just a very quick one this week because I’m off to the game reserve and trying to fit five days’ work into two days doesn’t leave much time to do anything else.

It was a bit of a disjointed game last Sunday where no area really shone but left us with the thought that it is all very much a work in progress. The fact that we managed to keep it down to two goals conceded I think was a plus, especially considering that we had conceded three goals in the previous three games against City. Lacazette looked good when he first came on and injected some much needed energy into proceedings and a lot has been said about Guendouzi which leaves me with nothing further except that I hope he continues to improve as he seems to have the potential to do good things. We still need to see how Torreira fits into the team and maybe he will start against Chelsea this Saturday. Overall, I don’t think anyone can be too disappointed. If one compares our situation to the one Man Utd were in when Ferguson left them, then we must realize that we are not going to be world beaters straight away after Wenger’s departure and City definitely are up there close to the top of the world. Let’s hope our next game away to Chelsea bears more fruit. Obviously a win would be great, but to be fair a draw would also be satisfactory. In our last six encounters with them, we have drawn 5 times in normal time, with us coming out victors on two of those occasions due to a penalty shoot out. The other game was when we beat them 2-1 in the league cup semi-final, so I don’t think a draw is expecting too much.

Onto things ArsenalSA related, we had our shirt launch on Saturday and it was nice to meet and chat to the Arsenal fans that came by. They all benefitted from the 20% discount. Please note that the 20% discount holds true for the remainder of the season so if you missed out on Saturday you can still benefit by becoming an ArsenalSA member and going to the Puma store yourself.

We also held the end of season draw for the 2017/18 season after the City game on Sunday and the lucky person to win the return air ticket to London and a match day ticket to watch Arsenal was Tendai Nyakabau. Congratulations Tendai!

So, as I said, just a quick one this week. We’ll still be hosting the Chelsea game at the Brazenhead on Saturday and even though I won’t be there, Andrew and AJ with the support of the Brazenhead team will be there to fly the Red and White colours for the team, so why dontcha c’mon down and have yourselves some fun!!

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