Spurs Away – Sat 10 Feb 14h30

Wow, I’m feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Arsenal are Arsenal again. Remember that team where if they went a goal down, you wouldn’t worry because they had enough firepower to sink a battleship? It’s like we’re getting them back. OK, we’re not completely there, but it’s a bloody good start and we’ve begun at the front where we are scoring goals. The talk around addressing the other areas, CDM, FBs and GK seems to be happening and is likely to be put into action in the summer and then next season we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. Shit man, those positive juices are just flowing all over the place.

Fat Sam and his Everton team were the brunt of our new Arsenal and although they seem to be a team we are getting used to putting five goals past, this was a stylish display with our two new recruits showing signs of delivering even more in the future. Even good old “he’s like a new signing” Ozil was brimming with positivity and what can we say about Rambo. Only recently back from some time off due to injury, he didn’t have a great comeback match against Swansea but his first hat-trick is hopefully a sign of things to come. A lot has been said of his problems with Sanchez and it really does look as though a great weight has been taken off his shoulders. I feel that a weight has also been taken off the team with Sanchez’s departure where there is more fluency right across the park and possession is no longer being so easily conceded. It’s time to put all the Sanchez negatives in a box, tie it up and throw it into the river, never to be discussed again.

We still have a few worries and as said earlier, the CDM, FB and GK issues will be with us for the remainder of the season however Xhaka looked brighter and Kos and Mustafi also looked more solid in the middle of the defense. Kolasinac seems to have lost some of that early season confidence that earned him the nickname of “The Tank”. Hopefully a few more games under his belt will get him back on track. Bellerin looks as though he will flourish with the new players as he seemed to have lost his sparkle this season. You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Lacazette, and had it not been for forced substitutions of Monreal and Cech, I think Wenger would have brought him on later in the game to see how he could link up with Aubameyang.

So, onto the weekend and the big game against Sp*rs. In my blog last weekend I was hoping that we would be closer to them on the table than what we currently are but they have managed to beat MFU and draw away to Liverpool , giving them a four point advantage over us. Sp*rs seem to be the darlings of the British media and very little negative comment is made about them, which peeves me no end. And it is due to this favouritism that I really want us to give them a footballing lesson second to none this weekend. There seems to be a total disrespect for the game by Sp*rs in their entirety. From top to bottom their only aim is to win at all costs which very evidently appears to include cheating at the highest level. Bamidele Alli is the main culprit but it seems to have now infected other high profile players in Moussa Sidi Yaya Dembele and Harry Kane. Again, the very fact that the British media seem to turn a blind eye to it and that even the FA don’t seem to have any interest in applying any retrospective punishment seems to indicate that that the darlings of the Premier League can get away with murder. How I hope that Arsenal can put this all right and show all and sundry that we still honour the beautiful game and in doing so can punish those that think they can run riot with their dirty tactics. Roll on Saturday and may my wishes come true!

I loved the fact that was broadcast during our match against Everton that the total cost of the Everton squad for the day was £20m more than that of Arsenal. It just put into perspective how well we truly manage our side and maybe it also highlights the very good business that was done in the transfer market in January. Hopefully, that will blunten a few peoples arguments when trying to down play Arsenal’s and Arsene’s footballing philosophy. We truly are a club that all Arsenal supporters can be proud of. We are not created from the millions ‘earned’ by dubious and circumspect owners but from an intelligent and honest approach. No one can take that away from us – we are the famous Arsenal – let’s hold our heads high and show the English footballing public (and media) the right way.

It’s a bit early for team news but it doesn’t look too good for Cech at this point in time. He suffered a calf injury in the Everton game and he has a battle to get fit for the weekend. Monreal’s situation looks more positive and it was only due to his recent bout of illness that he was withdrawn early. As such, he will more than likely start at WHL. I’m expecting the same line-up except for Cech being replaced by Ospina. As for Sp*rs, they have a match tomorrow night, being their FA Cup fourth round replay against Newport County. I’m sure they’ll have a good old moan about it impacting their ability to prepare for the weekend but hey, if you’re the up and coming kids on the block then something about being in a kitchen and it getting very hot there!

Updates on the Fantasy leagues are as follows. The FPL league doesn’t see too much movement at the top. Top performer for the week is Swelihle Ngubeni’s Kara FC with 77 points that moves him into 22nd position. The standings are as follows:

Cannon Hill FC (Earle Brown)                    1517
Utete Rockets (Justice Utete)                     1461
JELLYS NPO (Eugene Cardoso)                1449

In the Superbru league, S4 topped the week with 5 correct picks and plenty of match and bonus points to move him up 7 places to 25th in the league. The top three are as follows:

Leonardo G                                                      208.00
MAC 10                                                            206.66
tphato                                                               206.50

We’ll be at the Brazenhead for Saturday. It’s gonna be a biggie so get there early – we’ll be out on the patio and we’re gonna have some fun. Still waiting for feedback from Paulo at the Brazenhead as to whether he can get a stream running for the Carabao Cup final on Sunday 25th February. Should know later this week. If he can’t, I’m open to suggestions if anyone knows of any place that has the capability of showing this match. So this weekend we’re gonna smash those Spuds so c’mon down to the Brazenhead and have yourselves some fun.

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