Ostersunds FK – Away Thurs 15 Feb

I asked AJ to give us a write-up this week and the following are his magic prose:

Simon asked me to write something for the next email going out, and because I have literally nothing to do today except wait for the fibre guys to come and do their thing, I have obliged.

Well Saturday was the NLD, the first at Wembley. We normally get to play there for cups and so forth, as will be the case on the 25th of this month, the tots however, they need to pay to play there.

The vibe at the Head before the game was good, there was an awesome turnout and we can’t thank you guys enough for coming out to spend your afternoon with fellow Gooners fighting the good fight.

Then we had kick-off and pretty soon after that I hoped the final whistle would blow. We never really settled into the game, they looked far more dangerous and the few attacks we had were either fizzled out by bad passing or interceptions. Aubameyang was set free by a great ball from Jack which was unfairly ruled out for offside. We seem to always be on the wrong end of bad decisions when it matters most, Auba’s goal against Everton being way offside was allowed but in the greater scheme of that game it didn’t matter. We never looked solid at the back, our midfield is so underpowered, there is just no protection for the defenders. Kane, arguably the best striker in the league, was afforded so much room and time, almost like we didn’t have a plan for him. He got the goal and we had one chance at the other end with Lacazette put through by a good ball from Iwobi and although it seemed like an easy chance, it was difficult, Lloris made himself big and came out quick, Laca could only push it wide of the far post. It ended 1-0, and in all honesty that result flattered us, and losing at Wembley is not nice!  We just don’t seem to be playing as one at the moment and this for me is the key to our problems. No signing can sort our issues out, as a unit, we are not doing it together. As our President Zuma, for now, likes to say, “together we can do more”.

Moving swiftly on, we return to the famous Europa League. We have Östersunds FK, which is a Swedish team that I know nothing about, thanks to the power of the internet I see their last game was on the 9 Feb which they won 3-0, I know right, a frekking clean sheet, they beat Trelleborg in the Swedish Cup I think. Their season only starts in April though, which is weird. They were promoted in 2016 and finished 8thand last season they finished 5th. I have an idea that it is rather cold in Sweden, I saw a picture last week of the away section our fans are going to be seating in, and it looks like ice, see below:

This is not going to be an easy game, it will be in tough conditions and our away form is so dismal I would be glad with a draw from this game. Not sure what line-up Arsene is thinking of, as he shuffled the team around in the group stages, I’d imagine for this game he might do the same, maybe not so vigorously though. I expect Lacazette to start but it might be Welbeck, was good to see him come on on Saturday.

Then we have the weekend off and face the same guys at home. I think if we come back with a draw we should be too strong to finish the tie off and progress to the last 16. I hope Arsene puts some focus on the Europa League, it would be nice to go far and maybe reach a semi-final or final, knock out competitions are tough so I’m not thinking of winning it just yet. Would be nice though as top four seems to be a real struggle.

Our first game against these guys is on Thursday 15 Feb with Kick-Off at 20:00 on Supersport 3, and our next game will be against the same opposition also on Thursday 22nd Feb with Kick Off at 22:05 also on Supersport 3.

The Carabao Cup Final will be on that Sunday, so if we could get through these two games with a minimal fuss it would be nice. But knowing Arsenal, absolutely anything can happen.

North London Is Still Red!

Up the Arsenal

Thanks AJ. Just my updates on the Fantasy leagues as follows. We have a new face in the top three of our FPL league – welcome Horfnas Julies. Some big scorers out there this week and top of the pile was Chibuye Mwape with his PSG11 team that moved up to 24th position with a score of 109. Impressive stuff. The standings are as follows:

Cannon Hill FC (Earle Brown)                    1613
JELLYS NPO (Eugene Cardoso)                1520
WengerFan (Horfnas Julies)                       1518

In the Superbru league, StevieZ topped the week with 8 correct picks to move him up 8 places to 12th in the league. The top three are (still) as follows:

Leonardo G                                                      215.75
MAC 10                                                            213.66
tphato                                                               213.00

I’ve currently got a bit of feedback from Paulo at the Brazenhead as to whether he can get a stream running for the Carabao Cup final on Sunday 25th February. Things are looking positive. He’s just getting his cabling sorted so that the TV’s on the patio plus the projector in the Wine Cellar can be linked to the feed. He’s had his internet upgraded to 10 Mbps so things are looking very positive. Hopefully we can do some testing this week and we should then be in a position to give a big thumbs up for the Carabao Cup Final showing on Sunday 25th. I’ll keep y’all updated but recommend you block out that day for the big event at the Brazenhead.

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