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Let’s start off with a bit of a punt. The ArsenalSA website is slowly coming together and I would appreciate all you members out there to register so that we can get an updated database. “Register?” I hear you say! “We did that last year on that mobi site thing.” Yeah, well, the times, they are a’changing and we now have yet another ‘new’ site, which means the ‘new’ site of last year is in fact an old site that isn’t as old as the old old site but is still not the new site, if you know what I mean. So, to be a current up-to-date ArsenalSA member, you need to register on the new site, which you can access by typing in That simple! No www. or http:// just See how simple we’re making things for you. There are a few of you guys that have paid subscriptions by handing over to me your hard earned cash. This does not mean you are registered as a member on the new site, all it means is that I have your money!! OK, it also means that you are recorded as having paid your subscriptions and many of you already have been given your Arsenal membership card that doubles as a discount card at the Brazenhead, but you still need to register yourself through the website as you need to specify your password and all that. Those of you that have paid but haven’t yet received your card can collect from me at the Brazenhead on match days. If you never come to the Brazenhead, for whatever reason, then there is little purpose in having such a card, however you will still get all the other benefits of being a paid up member, which are clearly explained on the ‘new’ website. Any further questions you may have, just respond to this email and I will get back to you, but c’mon dudes, register…….. please?

If you haven’t paid your subscriptions this year and you would like to (I know some of you guys can turn a profit in one day with the 10% discount you get at the Brazenhead), then once you have registered, there is also a facility that allows you to make a payment through the website. For this you can either make an EFT payment through your own internet banking website or if you have registered for snapscan, then you can use that. Again, we’re trying to make things really easy.

For those of you thinking of going over to watch a game or two, the following matches are available to request tickets for:

Sat 2nd Dec          Manchester United         Deadline: 25/09/2017    Cat A

Thu 7th Dec         BATE Borisov                    Deadline: 01/10/2017    Cat C

Sat 16th Dec        Newcastle United            Deadline: 08/10/2017    Cat B

Sat 23rd Dec        Liverpool                           Deadline: 15/10/2017    Cat A

Mon 1st Jan         Chelsea                               Deadline: 22/10/2017    Cat A

The booking website also has a warning stating Please be aware these kick off times are provisional and might be amended at a later stage. Deadline means that we cannot request tickets for that match after that date.

So, what’s happening this week? It was the Carabao Cup on Wednesday night and we played Doncaster Rovers. By all accounts it was a pretty drab affair. Wenger managed to blood some young guns, Walcott scored a goal and missed some, Giroud didn’t score but came close with a bicycle kick and Alexis lost the ball about 10,000 times. I’m sure Doncaster were pretty happy about the whole event, not being smashed and taking home a reasonable gate money – not sure how the spoils are shared. Having said that, I went to google it and the headlines read “Arsenal set record for lowest ever Emirates attendance during Doncaster Rovers victory”. Apparently it was 44,064, of which 5,500 were Doncaster supporters. Still, not too bad. Google tells me that the gate receipt is split 45%/45% with 10% going to the Football League. Doncaster would already have earned £12,000 prize money for having won their previous two games and for this game there was £10,000 up for grabs. For the attendance, the gate money would have been in the region of £1,5m so that would have meant about £675,000 if my calculations are correct. Not to be sniffed at. There was a Mail Online article about the time Cambridge forced a draw with MFU and the replay at Old Trafford was likely to earn them £1,7m. One of the sub-headlines was “Cambridge United will install new toilet at their ground with FA Cup cash”. Now that’s what I call being flush!!

Our weekend game is not on the weekend. Fortunately, it’s not on a Friday but Monday’s are just as bad and that’s when it is. And of all sides, we’re playing WBA. Groan. Not exactly a fixture up there, however one we’d expect to win. They’re probably second to Stoke as teams we’d really rather not play against (the common denominator being Tony Pukish) and there will be stories of how we totally capitulated against them last season coming through in the press leading up to the game. I’m sure we all remember that match at the Hawthorns and our home game against them last season wasn’t much better, winning 1-0 with an 86th minute goal from Giroud. To be fair, they were in a reasonably rich vein of form then with Chelsea struggling to a 1-0 home win against them a couple of weeks earlier.

Ozil is fit again to start however I’m sure most of us would like to see the same starting line-up that we had last Sunday against Chelski. There was definitely a robustness around the team for that game and WBA are the sort of side where you need that quality to your game. I have a feeling that both Ozil and Sanchez will start on the bench and only if we’re in a good space come the 66th minute will they come on. Welbeck is injured and Wenger indicates that he is targeting the Watford match (14th Oct) to be back which probably means that he will only be back for the next Carabao Cup game against Norwich (24/25 Oct) and be on the bench for the away game against Citeh (5th Nov).

We’re into our fifth week of ArsenalSA Fantasy League and SuperBru. Yusuf H is showing us how things are done by extending his lead to 30 point at the top of the FPL whilst the Superbru league remains the same at the top. The top of the respective tables look as follows:

Fantasy Premier League

Welbz FC                            Yusuf H                               333

JJay                                      Justice U                             303

LALLANAS IN PYJAMAS   Nicholas da Silva              289

Special mention goes to Devashin Govender’s Diablo FC with a week high score of 94


ZeZou                                                                               42,16

Joffie B                                                                             41,25

mecamakan                                                                    41,08

Highest points for the week goes to Big Daddy Charlie who moved up 32 places to 20th with a well scored 11,25 points.

Now for the big ask! Monday night isn’t as bad as it seems – don’t forget that it’s Heritage Day and there’s only one more league game until the October interlulls, so let’s make hay….. well, you know how it goes. C’mon down to the Brazenhead and have yourselves some fun!

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